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Who are we?

We are on USPC operating on the hero side. We have been here since beta and are committed to the game with lifetime subscriptions. We are a small group of players who enjoys playing all facets of the game.

We are adult gamers with lots of MMO experience. We still have jobs and families and life outside of the game, but we wouldn't consider ourselves very casual. Most of us are online frequently and play most aspects of the game. We put a lot of work into feats, pvp, and raiding.

Who we are looking for

The people that would fit in well with us would be the following:

  • People who are active in game and play several nights per week
  • People who love PvP, Raiding, and character development in general (feats, reknown, etc)
  • Mature and friendly people who can be civil on voicechat and respectful in game
  • Tactically minded people who enjoy teamwork and understand basic MMO roles and cooperative play
  • People who enjoy a challenge and don't get frustrated easily if things aren't going well
  • People who although they enjoy playing on alts, remain dedicated to the advancement of their main character first
  • People who are willing to participate in voice chat. (We prefer Mumble)
  • Please no applicants under level 30

We recently decided to expand our ranks to include several alternates for our main raid team since the holidays are fast approaching and we will have lots of open spots to fill! Right now we are going to recruit a SMALL number of people from all classes with a heavy emphasis on controllers.

We set a static raid schedule tonight for the following:

  • Thursday Nights - 10PM-12AM EST (7PM-9PM PST)
  • Sunday Nights - 10PM-12AM EST (7PM-9PM PST)

If you are unable to raid on these nights, please indicate that on your PM!

We are happy to open recruiting to new players and we are willing to help you gear out, provided you show an interest in learning about your role and showing a level of self sufficiency by gearing yourself on your own as well. We are interested in low maintenance people who are looking to be part of something bigger. We will not tolerate drama, nor will we tolerate people who like to troll or boast or start antagonizing others over versus or shout channels. We are trying to have some level of excellence in what we do, and we hope the members of our league reflect that ideal...after all, once you're in the whole world will know that your character <is Amazing>.


As a league, we are active in the community. In my signature, you will see a number of videos made to help out newer players and share some of our tips. We are also well respected among villains for being a quality PvP team that does not exploit, as well as by heroes for our pug groups that consistently clear FoS2. Here are a couple threads that help show what we are about:


What we do

We have a league that regularly participates in PvP queues, both legends and arenas. We want to ensure everyone gets to raid weekly, even if that means people raid more than once to ensure that everyone gets a shot at badges and loot. We want to be on the forefront of progression as new content is added. That being said, with our plans to expand beyond 8, people will have to be patient if they are unable to get into the raids every week. Every effort will be made to ensure everyone has a chance to enjoy all levels of content.

So if you are on USPC and want a solid, competent group of people to run with who actually play and participate, please look us up. Feel free to contact me via PM on the boards, or message any of the following people in game:

  • Frost Force/Pryde/Equinox
  • Uplift
  • Coyote
  • Hummingbird


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